SandCastles Co-Ownership: A Better Idea Than Full Ownership

Fractional ownership is the fastest-growing segment of the luxury real estate market. The concept is revolutionizing vacation travel because it’s now so easy, economical, and hassle-free to own a vacation home. Studies show most second homeowners use their vacation homes less than 30 days each year. Why be burdened with a whole 12 months worth of hefty mortgage payments, taxes, maintenance fees, and other expenses for a house you visit only a month or so annually?

It simply doesn’t make sense. With your SandCastles fractional ownership of a luxury villa, you pay only for what you will use, enjoying all the satisfactions of true ownership for a mere fraction of the cost. Yacht and airplane enthusiasts discovered years ago that the smartest way to own an expensive asset you don’t use all the time is in partnership with others. Now you too can take advantage of this practical, economical way to own a spectacular vacation home!

With SandCastles Fractional Ownership --

  • You can start enjoying your luxury villa now… no need to waste years amassing funds to buy a multi-million dollar estate; purchase a share of the very same estate and begin having fun with your family right now -- no waiting!
  • You can afford a far more extravagant luxury home… because you are only paying for part of it, you can own a grand villa worth many times your actual investment.
  • Your fractional ownership interest is secured with a deed under U.S. law and you enjoy all the privileges of owning real property: potential appreciation, along with depreciation, interest and expense deductions. You may also sell your share anytime you wish.
  • You can purchase as many co-ownership shares in your incredible vacation retreat as you like, depending on the usage you desire.
  • You have great vacationing flexibility: take last-minute trips on a space available basis, book a long vacation, or trade weeks with another SandCastles owner. For added variety, you can also vacation at 75 other Villas Caribe or Luxury Villas International destinations. See Your Travel Network page for more details.
  • Your villa will be professionally decorated in tropical style with sumptuous and tasteful furnishings -- fully equipped for your stay right down to the luxury linens, flat-screen TVs and gourmet-outfitted kitchen.
  • You’ll build family memories at a place you love in a family-sized home you actually own, not a cramped cluster of hotel-type rooms.
  • Because you return year after year, you’ll feel like a local… making friends, revisiting favorite haunts and restaurants, discovering new ones, and fitting in with the local lifestyle and culture.
  • Your vacation home is totally hassle-free… SandCastles takes care of management, housekeeping, maintenance, and provides a dedicated concierge to cater to your every whim. See our Concierge and Amenities page for more details.
  • SandCastles will place your villa in the Villas Caribe Rental Program… offering any weeks you wish to rent to the affluent repeat clientele Villas Caribe, a leader in vacation villa rentals, has provided with fabulous vacation accommodations for nearly 20 years.
  • SandCastles will act as Managing Owner, taking care of all financial responsibilities -- taxes, insurance, property management, maintenance, housekeeping, rentals and rental calendar management along with concierge services.

Each fractional ownership villa is a separate offering. This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to buy fractional ownership interests in a villa in those states where regulated. This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Void where prohibited by law.

The information contained on this web site is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. The purchaser of any fractional ownership interests is responsible for verifying any information contained herein. Some of the photography used in this site is provided for example purposes only. Actual properties may vary in location, size, bedrooms, bathrooms, character, furnishings, equipment, fixtures, amenities and features. Certain photos featured within this website are for example purposes only.